Enhance Me Treatment Package



Cheeks & Lips 0.5 ml

Beautification Plus


Cheeks & Lips 1ml

Model Contouring Cheeks


Cheeks 2ml

Model Contouring Jaw


Jaw & Chin

Complete Model Contouring


Cheeks, Jaw & Chin

Fabulous Lift


Cheeks, Jaw, chin & Lips

Nuture Me Treatment Package

Lift & Define


Cheeks & Jaw

Lift & Define Plus


Cheeks, Jaw, chin & Lips



Cheeks + Lips + Antiwrinkle


Lip Augmentation

Lip dissolves/correction £150

0.5ml -1ml £220
0.7ml £190

Product quantity will be determined post face to face assessment, taking into account degree of volume loss and restoration needed/desired.

Facial Contour

Each ml of filler will be charged at £220 if package option not chosen. Product quantity required will be based upon facial assessment assessing degree of facial volume loss and desired client outcome.

Recommended product quantity for noticeable results
Cheeks 1-2mls
Jaw 2-3mls
Chin 1-2mls
Nasolabial & Marionette lines 1-2mls



Excessive Sweating

Wrinkle Prevention Treatment

REVITALISE – Forehead, Frown, crows feet £210

REFRESH – Forehead & Frown lines £180
(Extra £20 surcharge for male clients due to increased product volume required)

REJUVENATE – Crows Feet £120


Extra Wrinkle Prevention Areas

Eyebrow lift £100
Bunny lines £50
Dimpled chin £100
Gummy smile £50
Smokers lines £50
Downturn smile £50
Alternative treatment option available for those clients who may have had little or no effect with previous anti wrinkle treatments. DK aesthetics can offer a product that contains lower protein molecules and formation of neutralising antibodies creating more effective results.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

£300, add chin for £100 extra to balance side profile


One treatment cycle – £100
Complete full recommended treatment cycle of four treatments- £350, (includes two glycolic acid facial peels and provision of post peel aftercare cream).


This specific and unique mix of amino acids used within the Nutrakos drinkable stick packs promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It has proven moisturising and elasticising action within the deep layers of the skin dermis that trigger skin ageing.
(30 day supply) £45
Recommended treatment protocol –
Week 1-2 two sachets daily
Week 3-13 one sachet daily